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The following patents arose from the pursuit of flow measurement and dispersion reduction for HPLC:

Best Instrument, Inc was incorporated in 2005 to commercialize a new product, the 'Viscometric' flowmeter. When it became understood the lack of adequate fitting technology would keep the flowmeter from maintaining calibration, we followed some good advice: "Build better fittings". This site is an overview of the work of 'building better fittings', with the various and necessary tangents to provide a good overall view inside Best Instrument, Inc. As this project to document Best Instrument was just undertaken on Jan 15, 2016, you will need to check back as material is posted. Thank You for your patience.

One example of the effect of better fittings in HPLC.
If one were to select a data set to describe the past, present and future of Best Instrument, Inc., it would be represented by this graph. This data was collected by by simply collecting a chromatogram as succeedingly higher flowrates, and therefore pressures. An example of history repeating. While this data was collected almost a decade ago, we will likely soon see a similar comparison between the first generation of UHPLC fittings and the latest generation, TSip™ fittings.

First generation UHPLC fittings were invented by Keystone Scientific in about 1995, and commercialized by Best Instrument (at the suggestion of Richard Henry) when it was found the slippage (at points 1 and 2 in the graph) were causing loss of calibration of the Viscometric Flowmeter. Subsequently, the first generation UHPLC fittings (also called 'slip-free' fittings (which were already in production at Thermo, who had bought Keystone) went into production at Best Instrument. The first generation UHPLC fitting rely on a 'coned ferrule' as the sealing mechanism.

The first gen UHPLC fittigns were and are still quite good in many applicaions. A limitation is they are stainless steel, not as biocompatible. While working out another idea for a biocompatible fitting, and after having observed the potential for a new sealing method for the standard port, Tip Sealing was proposed in 2007. This method of Tip Sealing, as proposed in 2007 patent 8006367 was eventually formally recognized by the US patent department as a new method of using the common and ubiquitous HPLC port.

Here we are in 2015, and Best Instrument, Inc. is in possession of the simple yet powerful idea which will allow small aprticle, ultra high pressure LC to finally realize a new level of speed, resolution, and solvent usage.

This website is a story of development, doing a lot with a little, adapting to change, being patient, managing risk, and suceeding in bringing an idea to a critical and profitable industry.